pyramid meditationMeditation done inside a pyramid, or underneath a pyramid, is called as " pyramid meditation ". Pyramids provide most effective high-energy environments for beginners of meditation. Pyramids help to reduce the level of stress and tension in the physical body. Read More...


pyramid valleyA Pyramid is a monument with a square or a triangular base and sloping sides that meet at a common point or vertex on top.

The name comes from the Greek word ‘pyramis’.


" Today's age is the pyramid age. If we travel… in our meditation…
to the other galaxies and visit the other galactic
civilizations and communities…
we will find pyramids everywhere. "


Brahmarshi Patriji realized the power of meditation through his own profound experiences early in his life, in his thirties, and attained enlightenment in the year 1979. Ever since, he made as his life mission - the objective of teaching and promoting meditation and vegetarianism to people all over the world. His approach is completely scientific and secular .. without invoking any religious symbolism. Patriji’s dream is to create ‘Pyramid Bharat’ by the year 2020 and 'Pyramid Jagat' by the year 2024.

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